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body 5 -1 Str +1 Dex
mind 5
soul 5
HP 50
EP 50
AV 5
DV 3


Special movement: Cat-like 1 1
Special movement: Balance 1 1
Natural weapons: Claws 1 1
Sixth sense: Planes 1 1
Sixth sense: Zen Direction 1 1
Sixth sense: Reality 1 1
Dynamic Sorcery (cat magic) 4 2
Organizational Ties 1 2
Unknown Superhuman power 1 2


Marked 2

Skills (space opera)

Cooking (ethnic) 1 1
Performing arts (cold read) 1 2
Acrobatics (jumps; tumbles) 3 2
Stealth (silent movement) 4 1
Wilderness Survival (hunting) 2 2
Unarmed Defense (strikes) 4 2
Ranged Defense (personal) 5 1
Navigation (Planar) 3 2
Law (interplanar) 2 3
Visual Arts (illusions) 1 3
Social sciences (politics) 2 3
Cultural Arts (history; folklore) 1 3
Sleight of Hand (stage magic) 2 1
Sports (EDOSS) 1 1
Architecture (small buildings) 1 1


  • Bauble
    An apparently metal sphere about 7.5 cm in diameter, silvery and covered in contrasting star patterns.
    It glows and floats on command.
  • Universal translator
    It is not a fish.
  • Hand-held computational and entertainment unit
    It has a glittery, friendly cover.
  • TBA
  • TBA (major)
  1. Where is your Hero from?
    She is from a Place of Cats, in the sense that she was born there and spent a great deal of time there with her parents.
  2. How would you describe your Hero’s physical appearance?
    Queen’s cats usually appear as digitigrade bipeds. They have fur, tails and retractable claws, and their skull structure and facial anatomy resembles that of a cat. They have opposable thumbs, and quadruped motion is no longer straight-forward.
    In her particular case, her fur is a very pale silver with gold markings, a white belly, and black points. She has a type of very long, fine fur growing from her skull (an inheritance from her father). It is silver and gold in distinct, separate locks. Her face is a little less catlike, too flat and too thinly furred to be considered beautiful as a Queen’s cat.
  3. Does your Hero have recurring mannerisms?
    She frequently twitches her tail, curls her tail, changes the position of her tail, and generally fidgets with it. This is seen as a fault, a nervous habit that should be cured.
  4. What is your Hero’s main motivation?
    She’s half cat. She’s curious.
    In addition, she simply enjoys using her gifts, and furthermore, she’s looking for a really good name.
  5. What are your Hero’s greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses?
    She has a cat’s knack for avoiding trouble and landing on her feet, but her greatest strength is probably an inner sense of the right path to take. She can be selfish, but that’s merely a character flaw. Her greatest weakness is a lack of self-confidence or sense of inferiority (stemming from her dual heritage) which leaves her feeling beaten before she starts.
  6. What are your Hero’s most and least favourite things?
    A fine fat kitchen-mouse, fed on the fine foods all it’s young life, and slowly baked with three—-what? You asked.
  7. What about your Hero’s psychology?
    Haven’t we had enough of that already?
  8. What is your Hero’s single greatest fear?
    She would probably say she hasn’t met it yet.
    However, her greatest fear is the fear of loosing her gifts.
  9. What is your Hero’s highest ambition? Greatest love?
    Living a really fantastic life.
    Her greatest love…it may be a person, a place, a philosophy…it’s out there, somewhere.
  10. What is your Hero’s opinion of his (/ her) home?
    It will always be home, but home isn’t always the place that one wants to spend most one’s time.
  11. Does your Hero have any prejudices?
    Do dogs have fleas?
  12. Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie?
    If either of her parents asked her parents asked her to accept some task, she would.
  13. Is your Hero in love? Is he (/ she) married or betrothed?
    No, no, and no.
  14. What about your Hero’s family?
    Her mother is a Queen’s cat. Her mother’s Place is full of soft cushions, books, and draperies. Pillars and walls are carved and molded to resemble trees, bushes, and stones. There never seems to be an identifiable back wall…the rooms just open out and fade back into the woods behind.
    Her father is a Tu’lari, a minstrel, a traveler before he met her mother. When their child began spending more time away from home, he began to take short trips away. Now, her parents travel together, and are away more often than they are home.
  15. How would your Hero be described by his (/ her) parents?
    They don’t waste time describing her. They raised her, they talk with her, they advise her, they see her regularly, they worry about her…
  16. Does your Hero attempt to follow a code of honor?
    Let me put it this way…if this were a 7th Sea game, the word ‘Scoundrel’ would probably appear on her character sheet.
  17. How religious is your Hero?
    We do not discuss it.
  18. Is your Hero a member of a guild, gentleman’s club or secret society?
  19. What does your Hero think of sorcery?
    She loves it. If there is one thing in this multiverse of which she is sure, it is that being a magician is the best of all possible paths.
  20. If you could, what advice would you give your Hero?
    Have a really fantastic life.
  21. How do you want your Hero to die?
    Casting one final spell, a spell with awe-inspiring, positive, consequences.
  22. What is your Hero’s name?
    Remember back in question 4?


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