TPS Report Form

Planar Coordinate Pattern: unknown Local Societal Designation: The City

Use standard descriptors to identify cultural and economic development

Government: Orwellian Social: Hive Mind Economy: Communist
Law Enforcement: Very Strong Liberty: None Spiritual: They didn’t say
Technological: Highly Advanced Friendliness: Oppressively Cheerful

Note any economic observations here. Include any potential marketable goods:

Don’t expect anything good to come out of here. The populace has been brainwashed and conditioned to fit in with some high minded ideals about uniformity. They don’t appear to manufacture anything nonessential. Which means they aren’t going to buy anything from us. Losers.

Record any other relevant observations here:

Yeah, just go ahead and slap this one with The Skootch’s big red DO NOT DOOR rubber stamp. This place was downright creepy. I’m not kidding about the hive mind affect. They all wear the same patterns and tried to push it on to me. I grabbed a specimen for Ettoenei to play around with. I watched another fella try on a shirt and the psychological pressure to conform was almost immediate. There’s an Officer Friendly on every street corner and everyone gets herded into a reeducation center routinely for a good brain scrubbing. I don’t know enough to say if the hive mind is really real, or just a side effect of the culture stamping the imprint of identicalness on every citizen. I don’t want to come back here and write a thesis on it either.

Don’t mind if I do! DO NOT DOOR!

- Escutcheon Sanchez, Regional Director of Risk Assessment

I am quite sorry to report that those very interesting clothing specimens will be in quarantine for quite some time. They give me a creepy feeling.

- Mxjthnitosh, Quarantine Manager

I’m more disturbed about the fact that something gives our Quarantine Manager who brags of being immune to everything in the multiverse a creepy feeling than the hive mind effect. We need a better algorithm to predict these economic nonentities so we don’t waste resources visiting them.

- Cephira Mu, Regional Director of Acquisitions


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