Planar travel

Trafficking with otherworldly beings is prohibited by the Council!

When plane-walking magics were discovered by sages of the Doeth, there was much trepidation about the associated dangers such trafficking could bring. A hundred years before, similar questions had been raised about the dangers of extra-planetary interactions and, though the Doeth did make cautious contact with galactic society, some still questioned the wisdom of this, desiring a more defensive and insular society.

The end result of this is that extraplanar travel is prohibited, and punishable by being marked as a Violator.

Crimes and punishment

The Doeth are a fairly nonviolent and permissive culture. They typically do not imprison or execute, preferring to mark, ostracise or exile. Three punishments are

  • placing of a geis: For failing to comply with a edict of the Council, a mage may be bound. A spell is cast upon them which monitors them for any preparations to repeat the offense or similar offenses, and reports this to the Watchers. This punishment often remains for a long time after an offense, but will eventually be removed if the mage survives that long.
  • marked as a violator: For similar violations of edicts, a technomage may be marked. This spell causes a visible dark aura to surround the mage at all times, indicating to all that this one should not be trusted. Most mages will have little to nothing to do with a marked mage. This punishment is usually removed after a shorter period of time after the offense.
  • bound: For more serious offenses for which placing of a geis might be insufficient to protect the Doeth as individuals or collectively, a mage might be bound. This is essentially a blood magic spell to remove permanently all nanotechnology from the blood of the offender.


The Council

The ruling body of the Doeth.

The Watchers

An organization dedicated to enforcing the edicts of The Council, and generally protecting the Doeth. Members of this organization are allowed under some circumstances to travel the planes in order to return citizens to Doeth. However, this practice is considered dangerous and is typically preformed only when the perceived danger of the violating Doeth is greater than the danger of planeswalking by the Watchers.


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