blue fire angel (most people think pixie or fairy -depending on their culture- when they see her)



body 5
mind 9
soul 5
HP 45
EP 70
AV 6
DV 4


attribute name cost per level # of levels
Features: Longevity 1 1
Flight 4 1
Heightened Awareness 1 1
Highly Skilled 1 7
Item of Power bracelet 2 3
IOP1: Planewalker 4 1
IOP1: Flight (adds to normal) 4 1
IOP1: Ancient Skills (highly skilled) 1 4
IOP1: Sixth Sense (ancient artifacts) 1 1
IOP1: Sixth Sense (computers) 1 1
IOP1: Zen direction (What would an ancient do?) 1 1
Item of Power 2 2 1
IOP2: Jammer (sensor) 1 2
IOP2: Heightened Senses (EM) 1 3


ageism (looks about 5 years old!) 2
Easily Distracted (Artifacts, Languages, Cultures) 2
Marked (Blue/silver wings, hair, eyes) 2


skill name cost per level level
Acrobat (aerial) 3 3
Biological Sciences (ecology) 2 1
Cultural Arts (Archeology) 2 6
Cooking (rough) 1 4
Linguistics (Angel, Ancient, Dragon, etc) 3 6
Navigation (air) 2 3
Physical Sciences (astronomy) 1 3
Ranged Defense (aerial) 4 3
Riding (dragons) 3 1
Social Sciences (Anthropology) 1 5
Stealth (Silent Movement) 4 3
Swimming (Free diving) 1 4
Unarmed Defense (throws) 4 1
Wilderness Survival (forest) 3 2
Wilderness Tracking (forest) 3 1
Writing (historical fiction) 1 5

Ancient Skills

Computers (Intrusion/Security) 4 6
Electronics (security) 4 4


  • item 1: a major item
  • item 2 : Record Stone (records images and audio and video) – plays back holographs
  • item 3 : Universal Translator : earrings that look like small pearls
  • item 4 : fire stone – flame shaped/colored pendant
  • item 5 : a minor item


total 50
used 48
free 2

What is your Hero’s name?

Trillium Firelight

What country is your character from?

Trillium is from the world of Astral. Astral has a multitude of small kingdoms and a few larger kingdoms. There are several intelligent humanoid species and a few intelligent non-humanoid species on Astral. The humanoid species include the Tir (normal human form), the Pixies, the Fairies, the Dwarves, the Angels, the Demons, and the Mixed(humanoid animals). The non-human species include the dragons, the Trees, the Lights, and the Shadows.
In some ways Astral is similar to Earth today, only with magic instead of science. However, it never had the world wars, and the society is based mostly on trade and survival (not a world that has been fully tamed by any stretch of the imagination).

How would you describe your Hero’s physical appearance?

Trillium is an angel of the Firelight clan. As such, she was born with red eyes, fire colored curly hair, yellow skin and fire colored wings. Now her hair is various shades of blue, matching her blue wings with silver edging. Her eyes are now blue with silver pupils, and her skin is a very pale blue gray. She dresses practically, with a long sleeved shirt, vest filled with pockets, and trousers also covered in pockets. She has sturdy, yet light and flexible boots on, that go up a little higher than standard hiking boots. The boots are made out of tiny blue dragon scales, as is her vest. The rest of her clothes are dark gray. When she pushes up the sleeves on her shirt, an intricate and very delicate looking pale blue crystal bracelet is visible on her left arm.

Does your Hero have recurring mannerisms?

She still acts childish in most cases, just because everyone assumes she is a child. She is also something of a tyrant with her assistants, demanding this that and the other thing from them regularly. However, she gives them lavish gifts on holidays, always remembers their birthdays, and makes certain that they can be home for important family events. It has become the custom for her assistants to pick her new assistant before leaving her do to marriage, illness or old age. They also try to train the new assistant for a while, to help both Trillium and the new assistant to get along.

What is your Hero’s main motivation?

Knowlege. Trillium is a true academic and constantly wants to know who, what, where, when, how and most importantly, why. While she has studied a great many things, archeology has always been her true passion. In particular, she has spent most of her life searching for more clues about the Ancients, who once inhabited Astral in the far distant past.

What are your Hero’s greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses?

Her greatest strength is her mind, and her ability to think through problems. Her greatest weakness is her temper, which is connected directly to her mouth…

What are your Hero’s most and least favorite things?

Trillium’s absolute favorite thing is to be in a newly discovered ruin, reading a newly discovered page (or even better a book) by the ancients. Her least favorite thing is to wander around a city, and have the local guards ask her why she is not in school.

What about your Hero’s psychology?

Trillium has adapted remarkably well over the years, to the fact that nearly everyone she knows is already dead of old age. She never stopped meeting new people, but it does take her a long time to truly feel that someone is her friend (and they have to stop treating her like a kid). She has made some friends with dragons, who live at least hundreds of years, and that has been an anchor for her, knowing that they would always be there.
She hates that fact that people rarely take her seriously, given how young she appears, even when they know her true age. She also dislikes the fact that she now looks more like a big pixie, instead of a small angel.
She is the most famous member of the Firelight clan, which is itself the most famous of all the angel clans (and the rulers of the Fire nation). However, she only goes home once every decade or so, because her family makes such a big deal out of her. She prefers to be as anonimous as a three foot pixieish angel can be.

What is your Hero’s single greatest fear?
Losing her memory.

What is your Hero’s highest ambition? Greatest love?

Trillium’s greatest ambition is to be the person who finally discovers who the Ancients really were, where they went when they disappeared, and why they messed with the species on Astral to such a degree that so many species became intelligent.
Stuck in a little kid’s body, Trillium has never experienced romantic love. However, she does come to care for her assistant’s like the family that her family can no longer be.

What is your Hero’s opinion of his (/ her) country?

Trillium feels some loyalty to her family, who rule the Fire nation. But she considers herself to be a member of the Island Nation, which is a series of Islands that form the greatest school in the world. All true academics are Islanders, regardless of where they were born.

Does your Hero have any prejudices?

Trillium has a thing against Pixies, simply because so many people assume when they learn her true age, that she must be a large pixie instead of a small angel. She knows that her angst against all things Pixie is rediculous, but it does not change the way she feels.

Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie?

Mostly with herself, her assistant, and what she believes is right. When asked, she would say her loyalties are to the Island and to her family. But when she uncovered items that could have been Ancient weapons of great power, she hid them, and made sure that they would not be discovered for a very long time. Due to her knowledge of history, and of the Ancients, she did not feel that those weapons should even be rumored to exist, or her world might catch the disease called war.

Is your Hero in love? Is he (/ she) married or betrothed?


What about your Hero’s family?

The Firelight clan is the most famous clan of all the angel clans. Not only is their coloring unique and impressive, they are known for being intelligent and caring (not to mention, the most powerful fire mages in the world). They rule the Fire nation, not individually, but collectively (council of elders, youngsters involved in the day to day workings, etc).
Angels live in a many different countries, not just Fire. Trillium’s parents were both archeologists, and they took Trillium with them on there digs. After she lost her fire magic, Trillium never quite felt like she belonged with her Firelight family. Out on the digs with her parents was okay, but she always dreaded going back home.
After a time, Trillium was so famous from her research, that she was treated very well by her family, but at first, when experts were being called in to try to understand why this one fairy had turned blue and lost all fire magic, she had a very rough time of it.

How would your Hero be described by his (/ her) parents?

Inquisitive, curious as a cat, mischievious, more trouble than a barrel full of imps, full of love, and far more caring that most people give her credit for.

Does your Hero attempt to follow the code of chivalry?

Of course Trillium follows the academic code of honesty in research.

How religious is your Hero? What sect of the Church does he (/ she) follow?

Like everyone on Astral, she knows better than to annoy the gods. Mortals stick to mortal business and gods stick to god business and everything is better for everyone.

Is your Hero a member of a guild, gentleman’s club or secret society?

A full academic from Academy Island, with honors, and an office at the top of one of the three towers. Thus is known as ‘one of the Three’ amongst academics.

What does your Hero think of sorcery?

Normal, at least as long as it follows the rules. Firelight angels are fire mages of the strongest sort. Unless a foolish five year old girl, goes and sticks her hand down a hole in Ancient ruins, because she saw a blue light at the bottom, then just when she grabbed the glowing blue ball at the bottom, she felt an ice cold flow from her arm up and through her body. When she woke up several minutes later, she had gone from looking like a fire angel, to looking like what an ice angel might look like, if one existed. (Far to cool with all the silver to be a water angel.) While she had managed to hold onto the ball (pale blue cloudy, crystal – no longer glowing) she now had a pale blue crystal bracelet made from fine strands of curling crystal wrapped around her left arm. No amount of yanking could get it off. From that point on Trillium had no fire magic. She could still fly, and after a few years, she and her parents realized that she was not growing.
But now Trillium is far more wary of unknown magic…

If you could, what advice would you give your Hero?

Find a life outside of academia! Find a group of really great friends. Even if it is only for a few years or decades, live those years of friendship to their fullest.

How do you want your Hero to die?

Successfully rescuing someone else. She likes to pretend to be gruff and surly, to counteract the cute kid image, but at heart she would never hesitate to jump in to help a stranger in need.


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