Technomage wanderer


Portrait by Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig.


mind 8
body 4
soul 6
HP 50
EP 70
AV 6
DV 4


name cpl lvl
highly skilled 1 3
dynamic sorcery (nanotechnology) 2 1
Own a big mecha (cloak) 4 2
item of power (staff) 2 1
sixth sense (EM) 1 1


name cpl lvl
Special requirement ( diet – silicon, germanium, high calorie ) 1 1
Honor code (non-violence) 1 2
Special vulnerability ( can be hacked ) 1 1


name cpl lvl
computers (networks) 4 3
electronics (robotics) 4 3
mechanics (micro) 4 3
medical (emergency response) 4 1
navigation (air) 2 1
physical sciences (physics) 3 2
pilot (jet) 5 1
ranged defense (personal) 5 1
sleight of hand (lock picking) 2 2
stealth (silent movement) 4 1
unarmed defense (strikes) 4 1


  • staff
telekinesis 1 1
dynamic sorcery (computer) 2 2
  • cloak ( see secret GM stuff )
  • warding salts: Nanotechnological powder which, when properly used, interferes with radio communications through its boundaries. (minor item)
  • crystal ball: A holographic visualization aid in the shape of a hard, transparent sphere. (minor item)
  • tiny construct: forming itself to the shape of a small regional animal, this construct takes simple verbal instructions from its mage. While its mass is about 25 g, it can form itself into a hollow structure to appear larger than an insect. (minor item)
  • oracle: Ask the oracle a question, for it possesses the wisdom of my kind. A library disk/program, able to interface with the crystal ball or through the technomage. (minor item)
  • effect dust: about 20 g of nanotech powder which can be tossed into the air and spread out into a roughly room-size volume. It is programmed to interact with its owner’s aura and respond to his/her will, enhancing his/her ability to manipulate the ether within the immediate area. Gives bonuses to illusion, environmental control, and telepathy within the effected volume. Requires one action to set up, and two to recover from the area. (minor item)
  • ointment (Protection from evil spirits) : cleanses, sterilizes, and seals a wound. First aid, but with more style. (minor item)
  • incense (Spirit of Renewal) : can be “burned” to activate aromatic nanomachines which are programmed to seek out wounds and rebuild damaged tissues. Only enough for one dose, but can affect even a crowd. (major item)
  • runic ink: special ink which is specially made for making runes. Glows in the dark. Can direct certain technomage spells. (minor item)
  • rune pen: a very special pen which can write in the air (uses floating, glowing nanomachines) (minor item)
  • flash powder: explodes with a flash and some smoke on command (minor item)
  • papers: a must-have for the traveling technomage, these papers can replicate ID’s the wearer can envision. Of course this only is useful if the wearer has seen the appropriate ID. (minor item)
  • universal translator program (minor item)
  • unspent (minor item)
  1. What country is your character from?
  2. How would you describe your character’s physical appearance?
    He’s a young robed figure, alternating between boyish exuberance and inscrutable wisdom.
  3. Does your character have recurring mannerisms?
    Wide hand gestures. Really big ones. Knocks over things sometimes.
  4. What is your character’s main motivation?
    He wants to explore the unknown and see wondrous sights.
  5. What are your character’s greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses?
    His strength is his resourcefulness and curiosity. His weakness is that in some ways he’s pretty naive. Doeth is a very peaceful place in many ways (not that there isn’t plotting all over, but very little physical violence). I think he’s going to be surprised when he starts exploring.
  6. What are your character’s most and least favourite things?
    Most favorite is discovering things of beauty no Mage has ever known before. His least favorite thing is bureaucracy / people bossing others around.
  7. What about your character’s psychology?
    He wishes he were inscrutable like the Council, but he’s not.
  8. What is your character’s single greatest fear?
    Never being able to go home again.
  9. What is your character’s highest ambition? Greatest love?
    He doesn’t know what his greatest love is, but he thinks it can be found out there.
    His ambition is to be reform the Sages to open up to the wider world.
  10. What is your character’s opinion of his (/ her) country?
    He loves his home-world, but he thinks they need to lighten up a bit and/or stop being so insular.
  11. Does your character have any prejudices?
    Not that he knows of, but he’s not very well-traveled. Maybe he has some undiscovered ones. He really wants to see new things though, so he’s less likely to have them than most.
  12. Where do your character’s loyalties lie?
    To his people, to his friends, to his craft, in that order.
  13. Is your character in love? Is he (/ she) married or betrothed?
  14. What about your character’s family?
    His father is rather strict about law and order, and would probably turn him in if he knew about Raveek’s planes-walking. His mother would therefore keep this from his father, but would feel guilty about it. He has two brothers and a sister. He’s shared his plans to planes-walk with his sister, who would cover for him if it was necessary.
  15. How would your character be described by his (/ her) parents?
    A good young man, full of potential, but he should focus more on things of importance rather than his dreams of far-away (and unreachable) places.
  16. Does your character attempt to follow the code of chivalry?
    He tries to obey the laws of the Council, except the planes-walking ones. He definitely does not want trouble from outside to follow him back to Doeth.
  17. How religious is your character? What sect of the Church does he (/ she) follow?
  18. Is your character a member of a guild, gentleman’s club or secret society?
    The planes-walkers of Doeth do have a loose association of sorts. They’ll typically help each other, but because of the danger of being caught, they don’t want to give or know each others true names. In a society of sorcerers, secrets can be found out. Best to keep them close.
  19. What does your character think of sorcery?
    Oh yeah. Where can I get me even more. Not sure what he’ll make out of the non-technological variety.
  20. If you could, what advice would you give your character?
    Be careful. Its a dangerous multiverse out there.
  21. How do you want your character to die?
    In a giant fireball of magic, holding the darkness at bay while his friends escape. Weird, but that’s the image I’m getting.
  22. What is your character’s name?
    Raveek the younger is what he goes by off-world. His true name is < password required > .


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