Space Pirates

Piracy is more fun when you can breathe

Our characters found themselves on a plush space-liner, the Expedition. After poking each other for a bit (literally and figuratively), they moved on to exploring the ship. And trying to steal / forge each others tickets, which was more difficult because noone had a ticket.

Then the pirates came. Each character reacted differently. Trillian found she had a way with shipboard oracles. Raveek panicked and disappeared. The lady with the glasses went looking for a snack, and we know not what she did from there.

The ghost began to fight off the pirates, causing great consternation with his incorporeal nature. The pirates first method of solution to pretty much every problem was to shoot it. When that didn’t work, they shot some more. The ghost eventually found a way to shut them up. Can’t keep shooting when you can’t breathe.

The cat and Trillian came up with a clever plan. They snuck on to the pirate’s ship and convinced the pirate’s (through magic and some persuasive conversation with the pirate’s “oracle”) that the police were on their way.

The pirates fled back to their ship, and our adventures found their way back to the liner, where Trillian’s new-found skills found them excellent rooms for the duration of their stay.

+2 XP for Charlie, Rachael and Tom (who literally or figuratively left early)
+4 for Tanya and Heather (who saved the day)



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