The island

Can we stop the war? Should we try?

Stephen was playing around with his lasso when he accidentally created an inter-planar portal. Somehow, everyone was sucked into this portal, even Spectre. They all found themselves on an island inhabited by dinosaurs, primitive humanoids known as M’hite, and lizardmen.

Dinosaur island

Map courtesy of Autorealm, which is pretty easy to learn and use.

First they found a brontosaurus (which I must note is a mythical prehistoric creature, as opposed to the T-rex which was chasing it). Then they “found” a T-rex. Rather it found them. Trillum tried to direct us all to safety, but as Sharlton Cordwin tried to sneak away from the predator, he stepped on a lizard, which squawked indignantly and quite loudly, attracting the dinosaur’s attention. Stephen then ran away from the dinosaur, encouraging it to give chase. Stephen and Sharlton Cordwin both were running at this point, but Stephen tripped and fell, ending up in the gaping jaws of the predator.

Fortunately for our intrepid adventurer, Specter had cast an illusion spell on him, making him smell (and taste) like very rotten meat. He was quickly spat out. Thanks to some distraction provided by Trillum and the cat, the dino trotted out in a different direction, after some illusionary prey.

But then they discovered a short man dressed in hides and furs hiding in a bush nearby. After introductions he fainted. After he came to they learned that a lizard chieftain was hunting the native, and the T-rex was just his pet hunting dog. The native helped them to return to his village, or what was left of it after repeated lizardman attacks.

The natives of the village implored the adventures to help them (confusing them with nature spirits and companions), and thinking they had arrived in answer to their supplications. The lizard men were acting very aggressively since the abnormally intense spring rain. Led by their chieftain Zazzk, they had killed many of the M’hite already, and the M’hite were worried they would soon all be gone.

Sharlton Cordwin located a valuable commodity, a intricately carved wooden totem carved by the M’hite women. They seem willing to trade, but will there be any of them left when NSAID representatives next visit? Will the heroes stop the war? Should they even try to interfere with the natural development of this island?



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