Planeswalkers Adventures

Each player in this campaign is someone who, through some means technological, magical, or whatever, has the ability to move to different planes, or realms of existence. And has decided to explore these planes. We’ll all meet on the road, so don’t worry about matching up your back-stories (unless you want to come from the same plane).

We’re using BESM Second Ed. for the base, with additional attributes. Planeswalking is required at some level.

I’m planning on 30 CP with a base of 30 skill points and one level of personal gear. Of course you can buy more skill points and personal gear using CPs. At GM discretion players will be allowed to employ dX-style rules for their character. For instance, you can increase your strength at the expense of your memory ala the Less Capable [Stat] defect.

Remember that one powerful part of BESM is that you can create new attributes and defects to suit your character. For instance, a character might require germanium in their diet. Or be able to park perfectly every time. Just ask and I’ll find some way to make it work.

If you give your character a good backstory, you may be given extra character points or skill points or attributes. You can either write it up on the wiki or e-mail it to me. Either way I’ll put it up on the wiki. At your discretion your backstory can be made invisible to other players (including yourself unless I find a better way to control the system).

This is by nature and design an episodic campaign, so if you miss a session you character was just doing something else. If you describe your separate adventure on the wiki so we can all read about it, you will get an XP reward.

More info available on the wiki.


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